Introducing the latest breakthrough in Biozet Attack’s Laundry line-up; The unique technology in Biozet Attack PLUS Eliminator kills 99.9% of odour-causing bacteria (Moraxella) which is responsible for damp, musty and sweaty odours in laundry.

As well as removing unpleasant odours, the 3D Clean Action technology and PC Stain lifter in Biozet Attack PLUS Eliminator attacks even the toughest stains, providing stain removal, visibly brighter clothes and an exceptional clean.

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ELIMINATES 99.9% OF ODOUR-CAUSING BACTERIA – kills the bacteria responsible for damp, musty and sweaty smells
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POWERFUL STAIN REMOVAL – Contains PC Stain Lifter to remove even the toughest stains from your clothes
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REDUCES DAMP MACHINE ODOUR – helps prevent odours from returning
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SUITABLE FOR USE ON ALL TYPES OF GARMENTS – especially effective on sweaty spots gear, work clothes, bedding, towels, socks, underwear and baby clothes
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Just 1 shot of this advanced formula provides 3D cleaning power even in cold water. Suitable for front or top loader machines.

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POWERFUL STAIN REMOVAL - 3D Clean Action formula in Biozet Attack contains PC Stain Lifter to remove even the toughest stains from your clothes
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VISIBLY BRIGHTER CLOTHES - 3D Clean Action formula in Biozet Attack penetrates deeper into fibers to help brighten clothes, while protecting colour
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EXCEPTIONAL CLEAN - Advanced formula eliminates all dirt and grime for a deep-down clean
Powerful stain remover Visibly Brighter Clothes Advanced Formula

The patented Biozet Attack AirBurst Technology contains microcapsules. Each microcapsule holds a bubble of air embedded in its core. When these microcapsules hit the water, the air inside is released and they burst. This dissolves the powder rapidly to penetrate deeper into stains giving you a complete clean first time, every time.

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PENETRATES DEEPER INTO THE FIBERS OF YOUR CLOTHES - Removes dirt, odours and prevents yellowing
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CLEANS MORE THAN THE SURFACE OF YOUR CLOTHES - The Z Enzyme-C release helps remove ingrained stains within the fibers of your clothes, while the Z Enzyme-P attacks protein stains
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Our PLUS Softener technology is innovatively formulated to keep your clothes clean and soft in one easy step. The added fiber Smoothing Essence included helps reduce wrinkles on clothes after drying.

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UNIQUE DUAL ACTION FORMULA - Built-in fabric softener leaving washing soft and comfortable
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MAKES IRONING EASIER - Fiber Smoothing Essence
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LIGHT FRESH FRAGRANCE – Leaves clothes fresh and lightly scented, with a fragrance that lasts from wash to wear
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Biozet Attack Rapid contains a fast acting Double Enzyme Bio-formula and provides incredible results on Quick Wash cycle every time. Only a small 19mL dose is needed per wash to achieve these fantastic results.

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SAVE TIME, ENERGY, WATER AND MONEY – Made specifically for the Quick Wash cycle. Superior stain removal even in cold water, using less energy as a result helping you save
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BUILT-IN STAIN REMOVERS - Just apply directly on stains before putting clothes in the wash to treat tough stains
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ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS - Reducing the amount of packaging and landfill waste with our easy tear and pour refill pack
How to Remove Stain

Incredible results on Quick Wash every time

Biozet Attack Rapid is the only laundry liquid specifically formulated for the Quick Wash Cycle to give a faster and superior result than your regular cycle, thanks to the fast acting Double Enzyme Bio-formula.

Save by using Quick Wash cycle every time

Biozet Attack Rapid is faster acting and especially formulated to work in Quick Wash cycle, providing you with significant savings with every wash:


Source: Kao Corporation Global R&D September 2013, comparing difference between regular and quick wash cycles.
Tested on Fisher & Paykel Top Loader WL70T60DW1 & LG Front Loader WD12021D6.
Some washing machines are not equipped with quick cycle setting.
* "Quick Wash" cycle may not save water in all waching machine models.
** Based on water = $2.168/kL (Sydney Water) and electricity = 33.95 c/kWh (Energy Australia peak all time), July 2013

Selecting Quick Wash cycle is easy

Make Quick Wash your every day wash cycle with Biozet Attack Rapid, to make washing more efficient.

Quick Wash cycle is available on most machines. However, different manufacturers use different names. See some examples of these below. Washing time can vary from 15 to 50 minutes depending on the machine.

Washing Machine Example 1
Washing Machine Example 2
Washing Machine Example 3
Washing Machine Example 4
Washing Machine Example 5
Washing Machine Example 6
Washing Machine Example 7
Washing Machine Example 8

Can't find an example specific to your washing machine here? Ask your washing machine manufacturer for how to set a Quick Wash cycle.